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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hello friends! I’m Amanda and this is A Glass of Goodness, my week-daily adventures in Smoothieland! Prompted by my (what else?) New Year’s desire to detox my poor holiday toxed body. I turned to my blender, a bag of frozen kale and other good-for-you ingredients. So, with my new Cuisinart immersion blender in hand (this one!), I strive to create unique glasses of goodness to-go (before 8 a.m., may I add?). And, you know what? They’re super easy to make (like 5 minutes easy!). Just one glass keeps me stuffed until lunchtime, and I never get full — seriously, NEVER!

This blog is a personal guarantee for myself, and for others who want to take part in my quest for wellness, to have one glass of goodness a day (at least 5 days a week).

Happy blending!



  1. Sounds good ! Do you have I'm sorry recipes?!

  2. Keep reading! I try to include a new recipe every time I post. Enjoy!




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